Gatun Lake

Gatun Lake was formed to control and provide water to the Panama Canal in 1914. With an extention of 186 square miles. It is 85 feet above the sea level. Every ship that transit the canal use 52 million gallons of fresh water from the lake. The canal, in the old locks, have an average of 38 to 40 ships a day. To support this, all the flow of the rivers within the Panama Canal watershed is contained in gatun lake to provide water to the operation of the lock system, and provide drinking water for Colon and Panama cities. At the time that it was made, was the largest man-made lake in the world.

The deepest part of the lake is where the canal goes, and is the path of the chagres river to the Atlantic, about 97 feet deep, other parts of the lake are shallow, to do the lake, was made a dam in the Atlantic side, and the water began to rise, and the jungle was cover with water, so the lake is full of stomps and branches everywhere. The surrounding areas and the islands in the lake (former hills top), that are protected areas, are full of wild life.

We frequently have the opportunity to see crocodiles, sloth monkeys, iguanas, toucans, listen howler monkeys, and a variety of birds, and with lucky some manatees, very hard to see, we get as closer as we can so you can have some pictures.

In the way to the fishing spots we pass the monkey island, with cappuccinos monkeys, we can make a short stop there, so you can feed them and take pictures, without extra cost.