Fishing tour

The tour starts from Panama City to Gamboa, at 6:30 am. when your guide picks you up at your hotel and drive you to Gamboa, 30 minutes’ drive, where the boat and Capitan are waiting for you. In Gamboa its straight into gatun lake for peacock bass, snook and tarpon. A regular fishing tour is 8 hours, you diced if you want to return early.

Some places we will fish is the surrounding areas of Barro Colorado island, that is a Biological reserve, an other places adjacent that are full of wildlife.

We provide free transportation, from/to your hotel in Panama City, (an extra 30.00 usd roundtrip charge for tour beginning/ending at places from Costa del Este until airport areas, and hotels Intercontinental Playa Bonita or Secret) full tackle, live bait (minnows) and lures, top water and for trolling, if you want do fly fishing you have to bring your rods and flies.

If you arrive by cruse we pick-up you in the pier of arrival and return to it free of charge, in the pacific side, in the Atlantic side will be an extra charge. Other places in the Panama City will be free of charge.

We also provide a cooler plenty of water, beers, soft drinks, fresh tropical fruits snacks, and sandwiches for lunches, if you want something different or extra lets us know to bringing for you.

The boats are 20 feet longs, with capacity of 15 people for sight see around the lake, but if you are going to fish 6 people is the maximum capacity to do so in the best way. The engine is a Yamaha 90, 4 stroke, canopy for all the passenger.

The other boat is a glastron for 1 or 2 angler, the engine is a Yamaha 90, 4 stroke, with canopy, that can retract for more comfort at the fishing time, equipped with gps, fish finder.

USD $350

USD $425

USD $500

USD $575

USD $650

USD $725

The old Panama Ruins and the new Panama

Founded Agt/15/1519 was the center of the colonization of south america, from here departure ship to the south and return with the gold from the new colonies mainly Peru, then transport to the atlantic side by mules, the spaniards made a trail called Camino the Cruces and in the middle transfer to ships that navigate thru the chagres river to the atlantic side where the river lead the sea. On jan/28/1671 the pirate Henry Morgan with 1400 men attack and loot the city. Today around the ruins is the new city of Panama with tall buildings, some apartments, other offices that made look the city as a modern and cosmopolitan. The top 15 highest buildings in Latin America, 12 are in Panama and they are over 650 feet’s or more.

This tour has a 3 hrs duration.
Cost 35 USD. PAX.

The Panama Canal and Miraflores Locks

History and operation of the Panama Canal in Miraflores locks, here you can see just feet’s away the transit of the large vessels, as the panamax (maximum size of the locks) and history of the canal construction and land marks of the canal also the importance of it on the world commerce. Tickets for full access to the Canal Visitors Center including Museum, Video, and more are $15 Pax.

This tour has a 3 hrs duration.
Cost 35 USD. PAX.

Ancon Hill and Mi Pueblito

The only hill that you see in the city, where weave a huge panamanian flag, that is the Ancon Hill, with a 650 feets height over the sea level, and the best place to have a full city view and take your pictures. To get to the top take about 30 minutes’ walk.

Down the Ancon Hill is Mi Pueblito a typical interior town with typical offices and houses for small town, also a museum of La Pollera typical dresses. admittance fee is 3 Pax.

This tour has a 3 hrs duration.
Cost 35 USD. PAX.

Panamanian Artisans Malls and Indian Stores

You will find on the large malls stores with panamanian and foreign hand craft artesian, also in many places you will found stores with it, especially in Casco Antiguo.

As a cosmopolitan city there are all kind of stores, but one that is very complete are the indian stores full of original products from India.

This tour has a 4 hrs duration.
Cost 35 USD. PAX

Casco Viejo

Where you can see the old colonial city, this city was founded after Jan/28/1671 when the pirate Henry Morgan attack and loot the old city. The city was constructed with a large wall to protect the population inside part of that wall still in place

This tour has a 3 hrs duration.
Cost 35 USD. PAX.

Beach Areas

We have a large variety of beaches in the pacific and the atlantic side, all shapes and colors of sand, the close to de panama city is about 1 hr by car, you will find in almost all of them hotel or cabins to rent. The cost and the time of these tours depend in the beach of your election.

Anton Valley

The valley is located in the crater of one of the world’s largest extinct volcanoes. It is about 70 miles from Panama City. Since the valley is located in the highlands, the temperature during the entire year is about 20 C° this picturesque town is well known for its weekend market where the local indigenous groups provide our visitors with some of their amazing crafts also a place to purchase some of the local fruit, flowers and vegetables. Beautiful scenery and walking trail around in the town an in the hills around the valley. The valley has a small zoo name El Nispero in the middle of the rain forest. As a renowned thermal bath for those who want a skin treatment, an also the place for the famous golden frogs. The tour lasts approximately 10 hours.

10 hrs duration. Cost 275 USD. 2 PAX.

San Lorenzo Fort

To get to San Lorenzo fort, built by the spaniards, you have to pass Gatun Locks, the locks that rise/lower the vessels in the Atlantic side, and of course that is a place to stop a see, take pictures, a side you will see gatun dam the one constructed to contain and control the flow of the chagres river, miles ahead is the fort in top of a hill to control all the transit throw the river, in the spaniards time.

6 hrs duration. Cost 300 USD. 2 PAX.


This tour gives you a ride to the Atlantic Ocean where you will able to see the colonial fort of Santiago de la Gloria to protect Portobello and the custom building, the church for the Black Christ with large religious influence today, here you can see many of the structures build by the spaniards that are still standing.

6 hrs duration. Cost 300 USD. 2 PAX.